American Psycho can be seen as following some of Robin Wood’s ideological outline of commercial Hollywood cinema. The film is certainly promoting Woods first point, the right of ownership and capitalism trough Patrick Batemans Wall Street career. The film is also on par with Woods fifth point of progress and technology also represented in his job at through Manhattan itself. The rest of Wood’s points fall short in this film.

The notion of honest work and turmoil is never addressed in this film, stockbrokers are rarely if ever depicted as honest and hard working individuals. Marriage is certainly not seen in a positive light as Patrick desperately tries to escape his fiancé. The notion of nature is subjected into fitting the neat proportions of a central park view but nothing more. Furthermore Patrick’s wealth is not concealed or minimized.

America is definitely not glorified as the land of opportunity where everyone succeeds. On the contrary by American Psycho’s standard, everyone is subject to be Patrick’s victim, be it the homeless or prostitutes. America seems to be presented as having rigid class distinctions especially compared to Patrick’s overwhelming wealth. Lastly the film does not have any ideal male or female characters by Wood’s standard.

Although Wood’s ideological outline does not present itself clearly in American Psycho, it is not a typical Hollywood film. Wood’s outline does gain merit in respect to generalizing many Hollywood films however it is unlikely to stand against the range of produced films.

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