Jean Baudrillard describes hyperreality and simulacra as the result of reproduction whereby reality is understood not in the notions contained within itself but rather as an independent construction. Thus, hyperreality is the product of simulating and presenting reality however rather than producing a copy with lineage to the original it is void of the original. Hyperreality exists independently of reality and blurs the distinction of its presentation. As a result the simulacrum is a breakdown of reality into a series of indicators. Rather than producing an inferior copy or reproducing with error the reality portrayed is entirely new and must be understood within reference to itself.

Special effects driven films are thus creating a reality without the referent. Through the use of artificial productions, namely special effects, the perception of reality is altered to fit its own needs. Rather than encompassing the domain of the real these films transcend the potentials they are bound by without reference or indication to their origin. Special effects literally impose the image of a constructed reality without bargaining. Hence the contemporary cultural condition accepts the constructed reality without question or reference to reality because contemporary culture is shaped by it. Special effects drive the visual illusion which permits for the impossible. It is therefore important to understand that films exist through perception which shapes the meaning of reality that is then transformed by special effects.

Contemporary culture is reliant on indications of reality in order to determine meaning. It is important to note the value which is placed on products of culture in order to reveal their significance. Hence the use of special effects circumvents the expectations of society by creating a hyperreality. The derived association between contemporary culture and special effects can be interpreted as an overpowering of artifice to substitute conventions of reality which in turn determine the perceptions of culture.

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